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about UsRajasa Kor

Energizing Petrochem Resources: Resilient Strategies

Powered by an experience of 35+ years in trading Petroleum & Petrochemical products, Rajasa Kor brings significant value to its presence under KOR Holdings. 

Rajasa Kor asserts a heavyweight know-how in energy trading, built on solid partnerships and collaborations with First Class refineries in the region. 

Building upon a rich legacy of  impeccable track records, Rajasa Kor attributes its resounding success and reputation to diligent technical performance. Through Rajasa Kor, we are committed to delivering reliable, safe, and environmentally conscious energy solutions. Our focus remains on sourcing and supplying high quality products as per the needs of our esteemed clientele.

OurCEO Profile

Astute managing director, with over 40 years of wide exposure in the oil and gas industry acts as the advisory to the board of directors with demonstrated expertise in processing petroleum and petrochemical products. He also provides a complete understanding of the process necessary to manage an oil & gas trading which has a significant impact on a business’ expansion.

Mr. Sai Prasad
C.E.O - Rajasa Kor

LOB Office No. 1G-01, Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, UAE

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