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about UsKOR Korea Co., Ltd.

Revolutionizing Energy Trade: Fueling Growth in Dynamic Markets

With KOR Korea, we amplify a business powerhouse that propels your commercial aspirations with a global outlook, regional stronghold – fueling your success in competitive trading of Diesel EN 590, LPG, Fuel Oil, Crude Oil and related refined oil products as well as Petrochemical products such as Bitumen, Urea, White Spirit and so forth.

KOR Korea harnesses the boundless potential within the symbiotic supply-demand synergy of the UAE and Korean and Asian energy markets. These supply-demand dynamics dictate the volume and pricing of oil products traded between the two respective nations, impacting their economic ties and energy security.

As one of the world’s notable producers of refined oil products(Diesel EN590, LPG, Fuel Oil),  and petrochemical products(Bitumen, Urea, White Spirit ), the UAE serves as a key supplier to meet Korea and any other Asia’s demand for an essential, cleaner, and versatile energy resource.

OurCEO Profile

He is specialized in Structured Financing in commodity trade, Coordinating Project Financing as well as BI(Bank Instrument) in Hongkong , Singapore, Mainland China, Thailand, Qatar, Dubai in UAE and Korea. Since graduating from Hanyang University, he worked in several banks such as Hana bank, CITI bank Korea for 12 years. He also lectured in KOREA BANKING INSTITUTE for 10 years with the subject of corporate banking division from 2001. He worked as an agency of some reputable America Hedge Fund and a representative of Curatio Capital in Swiss.

Mr. Hyunwoo DO
C.E.O - KOR Korea Co., Ltd.

KOR Korea Co., Ltd., Seohyeon-ro 170, B-2226, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-Si, Kyounggi-do, Korea.

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