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Core Values

Our Holistic Approach: An Enduring Philosophy

Our core values are rooted in a strong commitment to social entrepreneurship. We understand that the complexities of our contemporary world call for an adaptive, engaging and agile work methodology. So, our primary focus entails grassroot initiatives, impact investing, environmental sustainability and social innovation.

With an unflinching commitment to partnership excellence and end-user success, KOR Holdings is at the forefront of driving positive community developments in the larger global business landscape.

We adopt the best talent acquisition philosophy that rewards people who deliver results. We recruit and retain top talent with diverse skill sets to manage various businesses within KOR Holdings.


To embolden the underserved, uphold ethical principles and
promote compliance standards championing a more equitable
and inclusive social awakening.


To assert our position as an industry leader, reinventing the
boundaries of success, excellence and business innovation.

Our Work Ethos

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Empower Women & Youth
  • Collaboration & Mentorship
  • Philanthropy & Camaraderie
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Innovation for Good
  • Monitor Market Trends
  • Superior Governance
  • Efficient Decisions
  • Synergy & Integration
  • Long-term Growth Focus