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AboutAn Entity of Impact: KOR Holdings Growth Trajectory

As trailblazers of world-class corporate dominance, KOR Holdings is a pioneering global conglomerate diversified across Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power & Utilities, Financial Investments, Precious
Metals & Stones, Shipping & Logistics domains.

Headquartered with pride in the burgeoning economy of the UAE, KOR Holdings is a frontrunner in global company acquisitions with a purposeful outlook of social inclusivity, strategic partnerships and community empowerment.

Our eminent Top Management’s leadership fosters an environment of value-driven stakeholder collaboration, leveraging profitability through innovation, continuous learning, and knowledge sharing to drive growth — across our invested markets.

Towards each of its subsidiaries, KOR Holdings deploys the best new-age capital management practices, advantageous data analytics and business intelligence tools. This enables our teams to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data and equity market trends, leading to more accurate forecasting, increased revenue, competitive profitability and an improved
asset portfolio.

With cutting-edge access to modern technologies, operational excellence programs, industry accreditations, technical know-how and super skilled human resource, KOR Holdings positively impacts each of its business verticals to deliver exceptional solutions and services to clients worldwide.