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about UsKOR Oil

Trading Oil, Powering Global Economies

Amidst the perpetual flux of the global oil trading realm, KOR Oil’s presence has become an unyielding pillar of innovation and excellence. KOR Oil stands as a dynamic force in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, where we’ve carved our niche as a leading oil trading powerhouse. 

With each fiscal year, we’ve diversified our expertise as the pioneers of forward-thinking solutions that transcend boundaries. Our roots may be firmly planted in Abu Dhabi, but our influence extends far beyond, shaping the future of the oil trading world.  We adapt to changing times, embracing sustainable practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure not just our success but the sustainability of the industry as a whole. 

In a world driven by energy demands, we remain the beacon of reliability, the embodiment of progress, and the guardian of the global energy trade, continually proving that from UAE’s heart, we power the world.

What truly sets us apart is our all-encompassing business acumen, coupled with an unrivaled depth of business intelligence. We’ve manifested our crude oil trading into an art form, fostering robust relationships with both local and global suppliers of premium-grade crude oil.  With this network at our fingertips, we’re not just traders; we’re leaders of global oil distribution, ensuring the world receives the right quality crude oil and related products seamlessly. 

OurCEO Profile

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar has garnered substantial project finance management experience in the private sector, including project management expertise for Standard Chartered Bank’s new headquarters in Dubai. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar has been entrusted with many prominent positions where he represented the government as a Project Manager in iconic Mega Projects, such as the Abu Dhabi Waste to Energy Project. Adept at leading noteworthy roles, he successfully managed all aspects of these landmark projects — from design control to stakeholder management, and undertaking core negotiations with investment partners. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar is the co-owner and co-founder of Gateway Group of Companies in Abu Dhabi — an award-winning Group in Investor management and setting up businesses in Abu Dhabi. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar
C.E.O - KOR Oil

1009, Sobha Sapphire Building, Al Khaleej Al Tejari 2, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE

+971 4 447 0168