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Chairman’s Profile

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar
C.E.O - KOR Holdings

Chairman’s ProfileAbout

“When thought leadership meets an honorable legacy, greatness emerges.”

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar has garnered substantial project finance management experience in the private sector, including project management expertise for Standard Chartered Bank’s new headquarters in Dubai. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar has been entrusted with many prominent positions where he represented the government as a Project Manager in iconic Mega Projects, such as the Abu Dhabi Waste to Energy Project. Adept at leading noteworthy roles, he successfully managed all aspects of these landmark projects — from design control to stakeholder management, and undertaking core negotiations with investment partners. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar is the co-owner and co-founder of Gateway Group of Companies in Abu Dhabi — an award-winning Group in Investor management and setting up businesses in Abu Dhabi. 

Mr. Mohamed Al Marar is an entrepreneurial visionary, philanthropist and multidisciplinary expert who is redefining the futuristic landscape of multi-business acquisitions and global diversification in the UAE.  Having excelled as a prominent partner in world-class conglomerates, Mr. Mohamed Al Marar imparts a wealth of strategic guidance in his prolific role as the Chairman and Founding Partner of KOR Holdings. An exemplary company formation maverick, his focal interest is harbored in developing corporate sponsorship platforms and company formation initiatives for onshore companies in the UAE.

A fast emerging leader in the realm of finance, Mr. Mohamed Al Marar nurtures a profound understanding of intricate financial systems and world markets. Backed by a proven track record at making sound financial decisions, he works closely with senior financial experts in the sector to enable companies to build successful businesses in the UAE. Today, he ensures the same growth-orientation and high-profitability for all subsidiary entities under KOR holdings, attributed to his unmatched proficiency in finance. 

An ardent believer in the cause of social entrepreneurship, Mr. Mohamed Al Marar ‘s thought leadership is anchored in the phenomenal concept of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ based on the three pillars of  ‘People, Planet, and Profit.’ Mr. Mohamed Al Marar affirms his business philosophy to The Success of our Partners is our Top Priority and Integral to our Values.”

Always putting the client first, finding new dimensions for companies, nurturing great enthusiasm for unique business ideas and cultivating a dedicated work ethic personify Mr. Mohamed Al Marar’s keystone for a prosperous future. Hailing from one of the most respected families of diplomats and philanthropists in the Gulf region, Mr. Mohamed Al Marar imbibes the ideologies of collective growth, corporate harmony, partner prosperity and social well-being in all his endeavors.