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about UsEramKor

Unveiling EramKor: Global  Supremacy Fuelled by Energy Innovation

EramKor — a corporate showstopper, a socio-economic union of industry stalwarts. The name says it all. EramKor, our prolific oil and gas trading joint venture, stands at the forefront of a global transformative movement. With a shared commitment to excellence, we bring together diverse talents, technologies, and market insights to drive progress in the energy world. 

Whether it’s harnessing advanced extraction methods, pioneering eco-conscious practices, or exploring untapped energy reserves, our collaborative spirit fuels the engine of innovation. 

Together, we are not just writing a new chapter in oil and gas; we are co-authoring a narrative of energy resilience, sustainability, and a brighter future for generations to come. 

Today, as an integral faction of KOR Holdings, EramKor Oil and Gas Trading is a robust enterprise harnessing the demands and long-term investments in the Oil and Gas sector. Emerging markets present an untapped potential for expanding oil and gas operations to meet rising energy needs, superseding the cyclical nature of the power fuel markets.To maximize such opportunities, EramKor Oil and Gas Trading company was formed as a joint venture between Kor Oil and Eram Group to consolidate investor sentiment and boost cross-industry profitability of both these industry acclaimed entities.

OurCEO Profile

Driven by excellence in chemistry and technology, our cross-functional business units operate within a fully integrated setup. We value this corporate cohesion to synergize into the production and delivery of YARA KOR’s bestselling fertilizer solutions, as also to uphold, pioneer and launch new product offerings for the group’s enterprising Farming Solutions entity. 

Taking cognizance of pressing environmental issues, Yara KOR’s division for Industrial Solutions delivers vital products and solutions that are indispensable for society 

 YARA KOR through its growth-oriented holdings focuses on agriculture and clean hydrogen industries, investing in startups and venture firms, directly collaborating with entrepreneurs. The expansion outlook prompts our reach, fostering partnerships with skilled venture capitalists in our areas of interest. 

Inspired by our partner’s aspirations, YARA KOR hopes to spearhead its ‘climate-neutral’ movement with a commitment to fostering a ‘nature-positive food future’.